Young peoples' perceptions of living with change in Brunei Darussalaam

Year: 1996

Author: Welsh, Jim, Hassanal, Sultan

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper discusses the findings of a preliminary study of young peoples' attitudes to certain aspects of living in Brunei Darussalam. As elsewhere, the various Bruneian authorities are aware that with access to the mass media and the internationalisation of news, young Bruneians are not isolated from knowledge of social and economic problems in the regional and global spheres. This knowledge of the wider world is reinforced through a school system that encourages and expects young people to gain access to the knowledge and skills needed to live and participate in a modern and dynamic economy. At the same time, through the school curriculum and the family, Government seeks to inculcate the attitudes, values and beliefs of the national philosophy, the Malay Islamic Monarchy. The main aim of this study was to examine how feasible is it to examine young Bruneians attitudes to sensitive issues with the expectation that such knowledge could be used in furthering the discussion on the current and future needs and problems of young people in a rapidly changing society such as Brunei Darussalam.