Learning about teaching: The use of interactive multimedia to facilitate collaborative study of specific teaching examples

Year: 1996

Author: Sullivan, Peter, Mousley, Judy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This report arises from a project which is developing particular exemplars to support learning about teaching. the exemplars are delivered by computer, integrating video, graphics and text. Such a resource can enhance learning about teaching because links between theory and practice are made explicit, students can move to higher levels of cognitive engagement on the study of teaching, and students can assume direct responsibility for their own learning. A key component of the resource is its flexibility. Users gain control over pedagogical content and activity, access to a variety of resources, opportunities for close examination and critique of professional work, including detailed examination of the roles of classroom participants.

An investigation of the use of such a resource with groups of teacher education students indicated that students can move beyond merely describing teaching events to detailed analysis and explanation.