Relationships of power: An analysis of discourse within the school practicum

Year: 1996

Author: Santoro, Ninetta

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

As schools implement Languages Other Than English (LOTE) programs in response to government policy, increasing numbers of overseas born and educated people satisfying the proficiency requirements in Asian languages have recognised the potential for employment as teachers in schools. They have been and are likely to continue to be attracted to teacher education courses.

This paper is part of a case study which examines the experiences of two overseas born and educated student teachers on a three week practicum in Melbourne schools. Within the framework of critical discourse analysis, the study compares the relationships between the students teachers and their supervising teachers and focuses on the ways in which the students are positioned and the identities which are created for them

This study raises concerns about the construction of the non native speaker as teacher , the possible existence of racist discourse within Australian schools and the implications for teacher education.