A networking model for industry based flexible delivery of learning

Year: 1996

Author: Parker, Helen, Williams, Eric

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Australian industry increasingly is expressing its workplace learning needs in terms of flexible delivery. The traditional institution based learning strategies are no longer seen as sufficient in meeting the demands of restructured and streamlined workplaces. Industry stakeholders are currently investigating a range of technology based and other innovative learning strategies to address these demands. This paper will report the findings of a major study on flexible delivery for the retail and recreation industries in Queensland. The study had, as one of its major outcomes, a "best practice" framework for industry led flexible delivery of learning.

The key initiative within this framework is the development and implementation of a networking model to maximise scarce resources whilst pro-actively positioning both industry sectors in the training market. The Researchers argue that the retail and recreation industry peak bodies should reconceptualise themselves as organisations managing strategic networking relationships with a range of stakeholders both in the public and private sectors.

The network should be designed to provide data on research, education and training needs, courses, new ideas and techniques, policies and sources of funding. As well as providing information, the network would allow regular interaction between members about common problems, issues, strategies and solutions. Communication throughout the loosely coupled network structure would be achieved through the use of sophisticated computer technology.