"I want to start again." Thoughts from some Aboriginal students who are staying at secondary school

Year: 1996

Author: Munns, Geoff, Mootz, Denis

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Despite policies and programs introduced into all levels of Australian education over the last twenty years, Aboriginal students are still not achieving equitable outcomes from education. Statistics show that fewer Aboriginal students get through to the end of secondary school than other groups in Australia. Research has often focussed on resistance by Aboriginal students, attempting to explain why many drop out of school. By contrast, this paper reports on a study which focuses on some Aboriginal students who remain at an inner city secondary school. The students tell in their own words why they are encouraged to continue at a school which is attracting increasing numbers of Aborigines. It is felt that by listening to what they have to say, insights are gained which could offer directions for school practices and curriculum aiming to increase retention rates for Aboriginal students in other school contexts.