Building new partnerships through a common concern with the teaching of mathematics: The Australian-Welsh connection

Year: 1996

Author: Moriarty, Beverley J, Sanders, Susan E

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper describes research being undertaken to address the urgent need to break the cycle in which student teachers with poor understandings of basic mathematical concepts and procedures and low self-efficacies in relation to mathematics pass on the same misunderstandings and low self-efficacies to their students when they enter the teaching profession. The Mathematics for Initial Teacher Education Students (MITES) project began in an Australian context in its preliminary stages before a partnership was formed with a Welsh university at the 1995 AARE conference in Tasmania. The implications of the nature of this partnership and the two contexts in which the research is taking place are examined. In particular the implications for the research design and methods as well as the refinement of the tests of achievement and self efficacy are discussed. The paper will also address the effects of context on the co-operative learning strategies employed.