The mentoring model in the Graduate Diploma of Education at Charles Sturt University

Year: 1996

Author: McFadden, Mark, Hastings, Wendy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In late 1994 the Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) program at Charles Sturt University was restructured in consultation with teachers in schools and university students. The restructured course has now run for two years. This paper details outcomes from ongoing course evaluation processes and research carried out in the context of the restructured program. In 1995 course evaluation processes focused on the perspectives of students, university supervisors and mentor teachers involved in the program.1 It also gave direction to research carried out this year focusing on the needs of associate teachers.2 The literature on initial teacher education indicates that the voices of associate teachers are often not heard, or indeed, even considered, in processes of program evaluation. The paper describes the various processes of course review, reports on initial findings from the 1996 research - specifically, the professional development needs of associate teachers - and draws implications for future program directions.