Managing to teach physical education: From preservice to inservice

Year: 1996

Author: McCormack, Ann

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Classroom management is the most common concern cited by preservice, beginning and experienced teachers as well as being the focus of media reports, professional literature and school staffroom conversations. Recent research has challenged this metaphor of the teacher as manager and in particular the unrealistic expectations of preservice teachers' ability to deal with multiplicity of student behaviours whilst implementing multiple tasks often in different contexts and leaning envioronments. The beginning teacher literature suggests that preservice and experienced teachers have different approaches and beliefs regarding classroom management.

The aim of this paper is to investigate classroom management problems, strategies and influences as identified by a group of 75 preservice physical education teachers after the completion of a four week practicum experience and a group of 65 inservice physical education teachers with varying years of teaching experience. Variables such as gender, age and mastery of the teaching situation gained through years of teaching experience will be analysed to detect patterns of change. Results of the study gained through quantitative and qualitative analysis will be given and interpreted. Recommendations will be made for the provision of' more effective pedagogical programs and strategies to assist future preservice physical education teachers develop classroom management competence.