A comparison of student teacher concerns after end-on and concurrent programs

Year: 1996

Author: Mau, Rosalind Y., Kings, Clive B.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Teacher preparation courses have been organised in various ways. Most commonly students take courses after successfully completing their undergraduate specialist degrees; these are termed as end-on courses. Or students study academic subjects concurrently with education in specialist undergraduate courses; these are termed concurrent courses. Whatever type of teacher preparation courses students have completed, they usually express some concerns with respect to their future teaching. These concerns revolve around three areas: themselves, their roles as teachers and their students as learners. This presentation compared the concerns of a group of student teachers after taking end-on and another group after concurrent programmes. The major concerns were focused on classroom management skills an whether they had the teaching repertoire to meet the needs of various learners, especially those who needed more help. The results of this study will be discussed with a view to making recommendations about future emphases in teacher education courses.