The developed teacher : Reassessing classroom practices

Year: 1996

Author: Luan, Tay-Koay Siew, Kam, Ho Wah, Lim-Quek, Muriel, Wong, Lily

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper provides insights into the lives of 646 primary, secondary and junior college teachers and wider dimensions of teachers' work in Singapore. Specifically, this study was an attempt to determine the nature of problems that teachers encounter in their initial and subsequent years of teaching and to identify effective classroom practices that teachers employ to deal successfully with the varied teaching-learning situations.

Conceptually, this research involved a mixture of psychological and psycho-sociological framework applied to questions about the professional development of the teacher. This study combined quantitative and qualitative research methods so as to allow the researchers to trace out different trajectories that teachers' lives and their careers can and do take.

The study reveals how teachers' own personal lives and school and societal obligations and commitments have a profound impact on teachers' work and their responsiveness to change and to their professional development. Through close analyses of teachers' classroom practices and self-reports, it appears that while school structures can provide opportunities for learning, the responsibility for growth and development lies primarily within the teachers.