SYMPOSIUM 5: Broadening large-scale assessments: Performance assessment in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study

Year: 1996

Author: Lokan, Jan, Law, Nancy, Eng, Chan Siew

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) took place in 1994-95 in more than 40 countries. Mathematics and science tests consisted of several item formats: multiple choice, short answer, extended constructed response, and, for a sub-sample of students, 90 minutes of 'hands-on' performance tasks.

In this symposium, the TIMSS national coordinators from Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore will describe their countries' experiences with the ambitious performance assessment component, The presentation will be organised so that one speaker describes the rationale for the performance assessment, one describes the mathematics tasks and one describes the science tasks. Each will then briefly describe highlights of the operational aspects in her country.

The symposium will conclude with a discussion of some of the results from each country. The emphasis of the Australian discussion will be on the relationship of teachers' instructional practices to performance assessment (PA) results. The Hong Kong discussion will focus on measurement constructs in the various TIMSS tests, including the PA, and on the picture of student competence obtained from the results of the same sample of students on the full range of TIMSS measures. The Singapore presentation will focus on relationships of PA results with sex, socio-economic status, stream and TIMSS mathematics and science achievement scores from the written tests.