Towards a conceptualisation of workplace learning

Year: 1996

Author: Hager, Paul, Billett, Stephen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Workplace learning is a typical interdisciplinary topic in that it can be viewed, and has been viewed, from the perspective of a variety of disciplines and fields, such as sociology, cognitive psychology, policy studies, management theory, adult education, economics, learning theory, industrial psychology, etc. As well, there are various literatures which are arguably relevant to an understanding of workplace learning, even though their main focus is somewhat different. These include research on the nature of expertise, on professional practice, on situated learning, etc. Hence, research on workplace learning represents a convergence of rather diverse literatures. This paper is a companion to another one prepared by Stephen Billett which focuses on the relevant psychological research literature, i.e. on the cognitive and sociocultural approaches to workplace learning. I have concentrated on approaches other than these.