Teaching with Internet

Year: 1996

Author: Elangovan, T

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Internet promises to be the harbinger of the much talked about paradigm shift in teaching. Many leading Universities, particularly those in the United States are sponsoring state of the art Internet platforms such as Virtual classrooms, Internet based Video Conferencing and Mediabases. Lecturers will have to adapt their teaching methods to incorporate Internet based teaching resources. In time to come, newer generations of students will demand technology based learning as they get familiar with the Internet in their secondary schools. Fortunately the Internet, especially the WWW and the Electronic-mail components, are getting user friendly enough that virtually any lecturer can start using the Internet for teaching without too much effort.

The writer has been developing teaching applications on the Internet. This article proceeds to give a first person account of some of the simple teaching related applications that he has developed. These include static and interactive applications on the WWW, such as computerized testing systems and private discussion groups and, e-mail based teaching applications.