Collaborative learning through school-university partnerships

Year: 1996

Author: Dobbins, Rosie, Peters, Judy, Johnson, Bruce

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Innovative Links Between Universities and Schools for Teacher Professional Development Project is an action research based professional development project which was initiated in Australia in 1994 as a National Professional Development Program. The grantee for the project is the National Teaching and Learning Consortium and comprises 14 universities at sixteen campuses, each of which hosts a Roundtable consisting of university colleagues, schools and union, employer and National Schools Network representatives. Schools involved in the project work in partnership with university colleagues to examine and improve work organisation practices in schools , enhance teaching and improve the educational outcomes for all students.

This paper reports specifically on the experiences of the University of South Australia Roundtable with "building new partnerships" between school-based and university-based colleagues. The concept of collaboration is explored using themes identified in 5 case studies which have been jointly written by school and university based colleagues about the first year of the project.