Perceptions of interpersonal teacher behaviour in secondary science classrooms: A cross-national study

Year: 1996

Author: Chiew, Goh Swee, Wong, Angela F.L., Fisher, Darrell

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper examines an important aspect of classroom learning environment: teacher-student relationships. Information was obtained through the use of the 48-item version of the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction (QTI). Twenty secondary science classes in each of Singapore and Australia provided the sample of teachers and students. Students responded to the QTI indicating their perceptions of their science teachers' interpersonal behaviours while their teachers responded to two versions of the QTI. The teachers provided their perceptions of their own interpersonal behaviour with their students and their perceptions of an ideal science teacher. Validation data is provided on the use of the QTI in both countries. Comparisons are made between the students' and teachers' perceptions in each country and the science classrooms of the two countries are compared. Implications for teachers are discussed.