Teachers A knowledge of the world of work: Teacher placement in industry and links to the development of key competencies by students

Year: 1995

Author: Perry, Chris, Ball, Ian

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Societal expectation of schools is clearly that a more adequate vocational preparation needs to be provided for students to enable them on leaving school to become effective members of the workforce.

One implication is that teachers' current knowledge about industry needs enhancement. Industry asserts that there are identifiable competencies that are needed for entrants to the workforce to allow effective participation in the current and emerging patterns of work and work organisation.

Professional development programs that give teachers experience in industry, allow teachers on their return to the school system, to bring new knowledge to questions of development of increased awareness in school students about the world of work. Whilst in industry the expertise of teachers is valued in facilitating industry reform.

This paper explores origins of teacher professional development programs such as the Teacher Release to Industry Program [TRIP] and the National Teacher into Industry Program [NTIP]. The paper also reviews samples of the talk of six TRIP teachers reflecting on their industry experience. In addition the paper reports on projects produced by teachers in their industry placements. Documentary evidence from these projects demonstrates the relationship between teacher knowledge derived from the placement and its application to the development of key competencies expected from school students. The manner in which these projects can inform curriculum initiatives at the school level is also discussed.