A collaborative effort in understanding children and young people's agency in climate change research through Speculative Drama

Year: 2021

Author: Wijesinghe, Thili

Type of paper: Poster

This research project was designed to provide a platform for children and young people to express their opinions on climate change through a relatively new method called Speculative Drama. This works stemmed from my Ph.D. research project which was to explore what children and young people speculate about their future in terms of climate change through an arts-based inquiry. This poster presentation seeks to provide the children and young people who were a part of this project, co-researchers of this project, a platform to engage in this conference poster by providing their learnings throughout the workshops held and to write their vision for the future. As adults, we always work towards writing for children and designing approaches for them in order to provide learning platforms. But at this day and age, it's time we started writing with children for their future to design with them their future that they envision. The poster has explorations and thoughts co-written by children and young people about their future and how they want it to be constructed. A relatively new method called Speculative Drama underlies this Phd study and seeks to provide an arts-based platform for children, 14 to 17-year-olds to express their thoughts creatively.