Teaching and Learning during COVID - 19 pandemic: School Principals and Teachers Perceptions

Year: 2021

Author: Devi, Mohini

Type of paper: Individual Paper

The COVID – 19 pandemic has changed the delivery of education in countries all over the world. It transformed the nature of delivery of teaching and learning in schools today. Schools have transitioned the delivery of an on-school teaching and learning to remote or online teaching and learning using various technological tools. This mode of teaching and learning has placed a significant demand on the role and knowledge and skills of school leaders and teachers who are expected to facilitate the process with efficiency and effectiveness from their home environments in order to ensure quality learning and no learner is left behind. There is much discussion on how the current COVID - 19 situation has impacted the teaching and learning in various contexts, but not enough research and publication is evidenced in the Fijian context. For the purpose of this paper, a qualitative research method with a case study research design was employed. The perceptions of five principals and five teachers from two secondary schools in the Central Division on the how the COVID - 19 pandemic has influenced their role and skills and knowledge in technology are presented through semi – structured interviews. The key findings were: firstly, school heads and teachers need to be professionally developed with required knowledge and skills on technology usage in order to effectively deliver in through various platforms. Secondly, the already role overload of school heads and teachers have been overwhelming and demanding. It is recommended that relevant educational policies are designed that will support the changing role of school leaders and teachers and provide in-service training to improve the quality of teaching and learning and the educational environment in Fiji and the Pacific Island Countries  (PICs) in this changing context.