Attributional beliefs and strategic knowledge of students in years 5,7 and 9: Comparisons across subject domains

Year: 1995

Author: Moore, Phillip J., Chan, Lorna K. S.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports part of the first year of a three year longitudinal study of primary and high school students' motivational beliefs and strategic knowledge in English, Mathematics, Social Sciences and in general school learning. 355 Year 5, 710 Year 7, and 520 Year 9 students completed the global Causal Attribution Scale (Chan, 1994) as well as three domain specif versions of the Chan scales. In addition, all completed the global Self-regulated Learning Strategies Scale (Youldon & Chan, 1994), the Mathematics Learning Strategies Scale (Fairbairn, Moore & Chan, 1994), the Social Sciences Learning Strategies Scale (Rodwell & Moore, 1994), and the English Learning Strategies Scale (Youldon & Chan, 1995). Within and across Year comparisons are made for general and domain specific attributions as well as for strategic knowledge and reported strategy use, generally as well as in subject domains. The results are discussed in terms of instructional practice and directions for combined attribution/strategy training