Gender and Education': Writing, Reviewing and Publishing in a peer reviewed journal

Year: 2021

Author: Gannon, Susanne, Taylor, Carol

Type of paper: Workshop

This workshop presented by current editors and editorial board members of Gender and Education aims to demystify aspects of publication and peer review for a Q1 journal that aims to achieve high impact and to cultivate a feminist ethical stance in its practices. The workshop will create a collaborative space for scholars of all career stages to share insights on writing approaches, reviewing practices, ethical dilemmas, and publishing strategies for scholars doing qualitative and quantitative research that examines and theorises the interrelated experiences of gendered subjects in formal and informal education settings. We consider what it might mean to enact feminist ethics and practices in academic publishing, how gender is theorised in relation to other key differences, and how feminist knowledge, philosophies, theory, action are furthered through the journal. The workshop aims to share strategies, exchange information, and build networks that will facilitate involvement in writing, reviewing and publishing for scholars who are striving for gender equality in education via their research and practice.