Challenges and opportunities: practicum students’ perceptions in the light of Covid 19 at University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Rustaq

Year: 2021

Author: Al-Malki, Moza, Al-Hattali, Waleed

Type of paper: Pre-Recorded Individual Paper

Pre-recorded presentation link: study investigates practicum students’ challenges and opportunities of Online teaching in the time of COVID-19 at University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS), Oman. Utilizing Questionnaire containing quantitative and qualitative questions, the most prominent findings of the study were that the online teaching helped practicum students to build confidence and equip them with the right skills & strategies to use the online teaching platforms (Google Meet & Google Classroom). Also, online teaching helped them to manage their pace, use visual clues, affordable e-resources and teaching aids. However, the study found that internet connection and time managements were the main challenges in the online teaching. Online teaching hinders them from getting students full attention, assisting them during the activities and promoting collaborative learning during the lesson. As a result, the study provided some recommendations such as providing practicum students with alternative and more interactive platforms and more training on how to utilize them as this strategy has a high potential of enhancing the impact of online teaching on our practicum students’ teaching performance. Thus, more research need to be conducted in the field of practicum in the era of COVID-19 and investigate the impact of online teaching from stakeholders’ perceptions particularly university supervisors and cooperating teachers.