8 Aboriginal Ways to Stoke the Fires of Pre-Service Teachers

Year: 2021

Author: Louth, Sharon

Type of paper: Individual Paper

Great emphasis has been placed on embedding Indigenous perspectives and knowledges in Western education systems, particularly within Australia, with little support provided to teachers to enable them to effectively implement transformative changes within their practice.  This paper reflects on the impact of course design based on the 8 Ways framework that connects with community in the planning and delivery to increase pre-service teacher efficacy.  Four dimensions of empowerment for pre-service teachers were explored: knowledge, understanding, perceptions, and attitudes towards embedding. Quantitative survey data were gathered pre and post intervention and paired samples t-tests were conducted comparing the means pre to post, that resulted in statistically significant differences over time for all dimensions. This study demonstrates that modelling course design through an Aboriginal framework for learning improves pre-service teacher knowledge and understandings, perceptions, preparedness, confidence and attitudes, and enhances their capacity and willingness to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into their teaching and learning practices and become more culturally responsive educators.