Can Everyone Have Their Say?

Year: 1995

Author: McKibbin, Charmaine

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Current moves from a centralised system of management to that of more decentralised mechanisms within Queensland's Education Department are supposed to include parents as co-decision-makers in schools. These moves within the Department's administrative processes highlight the matrix between the home, the school, the economy and the social well being of the individual within the population; that is, how the school and its community are part of the governmental processes.

There are some practical complexities associated with extended parental involvement and participation in schooling. An applied case-study of parent participation at one Secondary School provides a number of problems associated with these new policy objectives.

However, rather than defining these problems as based in liberal humanist `rhetoric of rights', I shall discuss how they might be understood in terms of a variety of competing rights based claims, capacities and kinds of expertise associated with school based management.