Parent decision making with digital technologies during and post COVID lockdown: A collaborative autoethnography

Year: 2021

Author: Schriever, Vicki, Dwyer, Rachael

Type of paper: Individual Paper

In this paper, we explore how we - education academics and parents of young children – navigated and mediated our children’s use of digital technologies during the COVID lockdown period, and as we emerged into ‘the new normal’. A time of immense uncertainty, rapid change and when digital technologies became the primary way of engaging with the social world. Through the use of autoethnographic narrative vignettes that consider how we engage in parental decision making regarding our children’s digital technology use, we reflect on our lived experiences and how they align with research and policy. This paper highlights the growing body of research around children’s use of digital technologies, how parents mediate this ever-changing space and uses collaborative autoethnographic methods to allow for an in-depth understanding of how and why parents make decisions.