Perceptions of Leadership and Management In The Teaching of Large First Year University Courses

Year: 1995

Author: Martin, Elaine, Prosser, Michael, Trigwell, Keith, Benjamin, Joan, Ramsden, Paul

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The quality of teaching and learning in university courses has received considerable attention over the past few years and there has been significant research into the experience of teachers and learners in those courses. The leadership and management of the teaching in those courses, however, remains a neglected area.

In this paper we report on the ways in which teachers of large first year courses perceive the leadership and management of these courses.

We report on the analysis of interviews with academic staff from 6 departments, across four disciplines. We describe the qualitative variation in terms of categories of description and show how individual members of academic staff work within the framework of these categories. We finally indicate how these categories relate to existing literature on collegiality and leadership and management.

This is part of a larger ARC funded study which looks at issues of leadership and management at the departmental and course level and at the relationship of leadership and management to teaching and learning.