School leader’s perspective on school-community engagement

Year: 2021

Author: Yeates, Lachlan

Type of paper: Symposium

When schools strengthen relationships with the local community, they can tap into the environment that impacts students' learning.The field of community connections with schools does not appear to agree on what is meant by the terms connections, parent involvement, and community involvement. There are also many different activities that fall under the umbrella of community connection.In addition, the various stakeholders that are involved in these connections (school, family, and community) may hold different perceptions of their roles and views of success.It is argued that we need to clarify what successful school and community connections looks like from a school’s perspective.The following paper presents two perspectives from primary schools in Victoria. Utilising our experience as a Principal and a Learning Specialist, we will explore definitions, ideas for connections, challenges and views of what successful community engagement looks like in practice.