Fostering children’s narrative talk through dialogic pedagogy

Year: 2021

Author: Carter, Jenni, Murphy-Hambour, Robyn, Blacker, Vanessa, Starr, Courtney

Type of paper: Symposium

Creating and telling stories and innovating with known stories provides rich opportunities for strengthening children’s oral language.  Importantly, developing classroom experiences and strategies that invite children take risks and play with language through dialogic pedagogies is concerned with not only increasing the amount of talk but also the quality. Such talk supports the development of children’s linguistic repertoires that further both oral written and multimodal literacies. This paper will provide two examples of classroom interventions that furthers narrative talk through dialogic pedagogies and enriching classroom language experiences. The intention of these interventions was to increase opportunities for storytelling, examining and innovating with narrative structures and exploring and using new and interesting vocabulary in context. The first example explores the use of puppets to provide opportunities for children in a culturally diverse classroom to gain confidence in sharing stories orally and taking risks with language.  The second example focuses on book clubs with narrative picture books to foster meaningful discussions about stories, developing interesting and new vocabulary and improving reading comprehension. The teachers in each example will discuss their methodology and examples of data collection, data analysis, and how this informs their classroom program.   Initial analysis in both of these cases teachers have found that children, including those who were identified as not confident speaking or had limited vocabulary, are  highly engaged and  using a wider range  of vocabulary and language structures  in their stories and discussions.