Yesterday when I was young.: A comparative study into beginning and experienced health and physical education teachers' attitudes to work

Year: 1995

Author: Macdonald, Doune

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Beginning (n=20) and experienced (n=11) Health and Physical Education (HPE) teachers were found to have different priorities, concerns and orientations to their work in a qualitative study on the satisfactions and dissatisfactions of HPE teachers from government and non-government schools. More specifically, factors such as the relative importance of home life, working with the more academically able students, role models, students' well-being, autonomy and authority, and staff relationships will be compared from the different perspectives.

The analysis will borrow from a number of theoretical foundations including teacher socialization and Foucault's work on surveillance.

Data suggests that experienced teachers are more satisfied with their work than beginning teachers. This raises questions with respect to: who enters the teaching profession? with what expectations? into what particular working conditions? to fulfil what goals?