Ruins and Survivors: constructing a peepshow to re-think the ruins of research

Year: 2021

Author: Speight-Burton, Elaine

Type of paper: Individual Paper

This paper will outline how education research might be reimagined to disrupt the ‘givens’ of conventional humanist qualitative inquiry in order to produce knowledge differently. This presentation will outline possibilities for creating and enacting what I term different spacetimematterings in one Australian higher education institution during 2019-2021. One part of this inquiry, was presented as an arts-informed qualitative research project at 7th International Academic Identities Conference at Roskilde University, in Denmark, in June (Fraser, Grossi, Wright-Neville & Coulter, 2021)  as a way to reimagine the meaning of our work with students and academic colleagues in increasingly complex and changing times. My part of this inquiry has been to take up different lines of flight in order to explore how the ‘posts’  (see, for example, St. Pierre 2017; 2019) might be put to use to generate new thinking and new questions. Taking Maggie MacLure’s (2006 a, b; 2013) work literally, I constructed a peepshow to make the boundaries that are theorised between subject/object, human/nonhuman, matter/perception, theory/ analysis, ontology/epistemology in conventional humanist qualitative inquiry actual, in order to trouble how these constrain and delimit thought. The first section of the presentation describes artmaking-as-event, a process that [un]folded within an emergent baroque methodological design. This narrative of the project’s development frames the following sections of the presentation, which discuss the contextual, conceptual and creative analytical planes (3D, constructions, poetic flows, expressive sketches) which I assembled for the inquiry. Ruins and Survivors is part of an ongoing inquiry ‘Rethinking differen/t/ce/s’ (2019 - present). My desire now, as then, is to seed new imaginings as an ethical effort to rethink my practice in the university. The work with colleagues in this larger collective inquiry has created a breathing space and the courage to stay with the trouble. MacLure Maggie (2006a)  ‘A Demented Form of the Familiar’: Postmodernism and educational research. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 40(2), 223-239. -------(2006b) ‘The bone in the throat: some uncertain thoughts on baroque method’, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 19(6): 729-745, doI: 10.1080/09518390600975958 ------- (2013) ‘ Researching without representation? Language and materiality in postqualitative methodology’,  International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 26(6), 658-667.St. Pierre Elizabeth A (2017) ‘Haecceity: laying out a plane for post qualitative inquiry’, Qualitative Inquiry, 23(9): 686–698. (2019) 'Post qualitative inquiry in an ontology of immanence' , Qualitative Inquiry, 25(1):3-16. Ruins and Survivors is part of Project Visibility: Institutions and Ideology / Revealing Systems at Work (2019-2021)Project leaders: Dr Terrie Fraser, Dr Vittoria Grossi, Caroline Wright-Neville, Ross Coulter Participant-researchers : Dr Steven Grivas; Dr Tao Bak; Elaine Speight-Burton; Gail Fluker; Maya Gelov; Dr Laura Dickinson;  Dr Eileen Hanrahan; Dr Vittoria Grossi; Caroline Wright-Neville; Dr Linda Thies; Dr Terrie Fraser