Learning together through SEAMEO- AUS EDULINK: Practices and Principles for Collaborative Pedagogy and Assessment using ePortfolios

Year: 2021

Author: Taptamat, Nantana

Type of paper: Individual Paper

Learning in the 21st-century context demands new tools and new approaches. To prepare young people for their rapidly changing and uncertain future, it is essential to provide them with various opportunities to develop as independent critical thinkers and self-starters while continuously refining their academic capabilities. As evident in much research, ePortfolio has many potentials to address this challenge. In recent times, the use of ePortfolio has increasing become of core significance to shifting education beyond its traditional pedagogy and purpose of assessment. Although substantial research has been conducted in higher education contexts, scarce attention has been put on schoolteachers. Particularly under research is the use of ePortfolios of Southeast Asian teachers in their teaching practices and professional development. Moreover, extensive research indicates that ePortfolio also enables student-teachers to develop their professional identity and engage in reflective practice, which is essential to teaching excellence. However, the literature has not paid much attention to which extent these affordances would be applied to the teachers who are already teaching in the fields. To fill this gap, this project aims to explore teachers' technology acceptance model regarding the use of ePortfolio and how their identities are mutually shaped by their "collective identity" within CoP. It will accomplish this goal by implementing the IPSR model: Investigate and analyse, Practice, Share, and Reflect and revise, through remote engagement platforms. This model consists of two interrelated innovations—a series of interactive eLearning courses regarding practices and principles for collaborative pedagogy and assessment using e-Portfolios and a community of practice (CoP) entitled " SEAMEO- AUS EDULINK." While an online course proposes enhancing participants' knowledge and skills in using portfolios for authentic learning, the SEAMEO- AUS EDULINK CoP aims at building trust and form a bond among participants to create a friendly environment where they will continuously engage in exchanging ideas and practices throughout the project implementation. Drawing on theories of figured worlds, this presentation will discuss the co-evolution of identity development and participation within the SEAMEO- AUS EDULINK CoP. Data include reflective journals, face-to-face and online interactions, and engagement within the online interactive CoP. Finally, the implications on professional development and potential efficacy of university-school partnerships will be deliberated.