Educational Middle Leadership: Panel Symposium

Year: 2021

Author: Grootenboer, Peter

Type of paper: Other

Recently there appears to be a sharp increase in interest in educational middle leadership in the field, and the research community has an emerging allied focus. Therefore, it is time to reflect on the research that has been undertaken, and look forward to the research that is required in the coming years. With this in mind, this dialogic session is about explore possibilities and ideas, and it is expected that participants will all contribute to the understandings, views, and directions that will emerge.In this session we will have a panel of researchers who have studied middle leadership, but they will not give a formal presentation.  Rather, they will respond to some key questions including:Who are middle leaders and what is middle leadership?What do middle leaders do, what is their impact, and how might the role evolve?How do we study their work and how might this evolve?What are the implications for senior leadership in schools and the relationship to middle leaders and middle leadership?