Finding ways into creative forms of writing and/as place

Year: 2021

Author: Dove, Jennifer

Type of paper: Symposium

The COVID pandemic brought us a new remote teaching – online, connected by zooming in, meeting up, hanging out – that has further obscured the old remote teaching – in places geographically distant from the metrocentre with its established, visible paradigms. In remote places, things are hidden, so you must travel the distance to truly see them but, like teaching and like writing, there is no easy way in. In my research, exploring the contextual, affective and material dimensions of teaching creative forms of writing in secondary English classrooms and beyond has meant creating spaces for writing and engaging with place in ways influenced by Massey’s theories of space and place and Anzaldúa’s borderlands. In rural and remote teaching, and in research that values context, affect and writing, I consider place as a critical participant that leads to a reimagining of writing as place.