STEM education conversations with coffee and croissants.

Year: 2021

Author: Osman, Ann, Roehrig, Gillian, Dare, Emily

Type of paper: Workshop

The workshop will provide an opportunity for STEM SIG members (other participants interested in STEM education are welcome to attend) to engage in conversations with fellow researchers from the different STEM areas. Professor Amanda Berry (Monash University) will facilitate the workshop. Two researchers (early career or prominent or one Australian and if feasible one international) will be invited to share what they believe the short term and future possibilities and challenges for STEM education in Australia and beyond as we move towards the 'new COVID normal' education environment. It will be offered as both a face to face and online in real time activity. Face to face participants will be provided with coffee and croissants and  online participants encourage to bring a coffee and croissant or similar with them.It is anticipated that the workshop would support to the production and publication of a practitioner focused articles and/or collaborative research partnerships. (Due to the current COVID 19 situation in Australia it is difficult to confirm who the two researchers will be and if they both will be able to attend the conference in person. It is anticipated that this information will be available before the program is published.)