A review of a project to introduce educational technological approaches to the provision of higher education both on and off-campus

Year: 1995

Author: Jeffery, Peter

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Multi-Modal Learning Project reviewed and reported in this paper, commenced in 1992 at Mooroolbark Campus of Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia as a pilot project for introduction of educational technological approaches to provision of degrees courses to be offered at the Lilydale Campus from 1996.

The pilot project has introduced strategies and facilities to permit use of teaching and learning techniques similar to those more frequently used by distance education, in addition to enhanced traditional procedures. Techniques and facilities used now include:- student use of personal portable [laptop] computers in any location on or off campus;- electronic communications to and from home, learning centres, any campus and world wide;- development and publication of learning guides [study guides] in print and by electronic means;- curriculum revision and enhancement using Computer Managed Learning, Interactive Multi- Media, Computer Based Learning, Learning Contracts, video/audio recordings and out-sourced teaching programs as well as lectures, tutorials, text books and group or individual field work assignments.

The Multi-Modal Learning Project also includes the provision of academic and support staff training and development and creation or adaptation of software and learning resource materials in any media.