Reimagining Research for International Education in Australia: Challenges and Participation in Post-Pandemic Enquiry

Year: 2021

Author: Shwayli, Seham

Type of paper: Individual Paper

This presentation is without doubt one of the most important presentations that I have waited for a very long time. I will present my “new” role ‘s’ as “online” study support coordinator and teacher/lecturer to international students during this difficult time of pandemic since transition from campus to online learning. What does that mean to those students who wished to get Australian qualifications from overseas countries. Many of them are onshore and many are offshore. The stories or reflections by International students I will present in brief raise many important insights, issues, and questions. Their accounts provide some chilling insights into the challenging forms of resilience at such uncertain times that are part of the barriers to the realisation of an inclusive and creative development of future profession. It is extremely difficult to appreciate the pain and suffering that has been an integral part of my students’ lives. Their accounts are readable and refreshingly honest. I do believe that there is a moral responsibility for all members of departments in universities to read, discuss and reimagine “the international education and research in Australia” as a matter of urgency. This needs to be done in terms of what we can learn about international students and in turn, to critically examine our own current conditions, relations, policies, and practices, so that we can also struggle for a more inclusive system of educational provision and practice in higher education.