Policy and practice essentials: From research to practice and back again

Year: 2021

Author: Allen, Kelly-Ann

Type of paper: Other

This session is based on the Building Better Schools with Evidence-based Policy project, which resulted in an extensive set of free-to-use policies for schools developed by educational experts and researchers in their field. The session will include 15 short (approximately 7-minute) recorded presentations that cover a broad range of popular topics for schools.Introduction (Kelly-Ann Allen and Andrea Reupert)The value of evidence-based policy in schools (Associate Professor Mark Rickinson)Transgender and non-binary students, staff and family members in schools (Professor Damien W Riggs)Getting an optimal balance between explicit instruction and independent learning: The role of load reduction instruction (Professor Andrew Martin)Teacher wellbeing (Rebecca Collie) Feedback for learning (Cameron Brooks)Reading instruction and support (Professor Pamela Snow) Student wellbeing interventions and implementation (Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick)Responding to students living with domestic and family violence (Larissa Fogden) Data-based assessment of psychological well-being in whole school environments (Professor Beth Doll)Alcohol and other drug use (Professor John Toumbourou) Embedded careers education (Professor Lucas Walsh and Dr Joanne Gleeson) Personalised wellbeing planning (Professor Lindsay Oades, Associate Professor Aaron Jarden)Using research evidence to improve practice (Associate Professor Mark Rickinson, Professor Lucas Walsh, Mandy Salisbury, Dr Joanne Gleeson and Dr Connie Cirkony)Promoting educational equity for students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds (Associate Professor Monica Theilking)Establishing effective school and community collaborations to prevent student homelessness (Associate Professor Monica Thielking)Questions (Kelly-Ann Allen)