Indigenous Early Career Researchers: Enriching the Academy and Effecting Change

Year: 2021

Author: Locke, Michelle

Type of paper: Individual Paper

In Australia, the early career research phase is considered crucial to establishing a research reputation with a view to building a sound research trajectory. Whilst there is a growing body of research into the support and development of ECRs in Australia there exists a paucity in the literature pertaining specifically to Indigenous ECRs. The Developing Indigenous Early Career Researchers Project is a three-year longitudinal study funded by the Australian Research Council which aims to address this gap in the research. In Stage One 30 Indigenous ECRS employed in different higher education institutions across Australia shared their experiences and perspectives in online zoom interviews. Data collated in this first stage provided a snapshot of the vast diversity of Australia’s current Indigenous ECR cohort. However, one commonality across all Indigenous Early Career Researchers was a commitment to the value and validity of Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the higher education sector. In this presentation we provide insight to the question, ‘who are Indigenous ECRs’ and with the engagement of Tribal Critical Race Theory, we advocate that Indigenous ECRs play a crucial role in effecting change that can result in the growth of a richer academy and stronger Indigenous communities.