I wanna have a conversation: being Blak in the academy

Year: 2021

Author: Hogarth, Melitta

Type of paper: Pre-Recorded Individual Paper

This presentation will differ to the usual paper presentation.  I wanna extend the conversation I began back last year. A yarn about them White Walls and being Blak in the academy.  The ways in which we are asked to bring our Blak knowledge and worldview to teach the White and yet don’t be Blak in the ways you work.  “We have protocols, processes and procedures!” “You need to learn the systems and the ways in which we want you to work”.  The push and pull, the constant internal monologues you have with one self – the beast is too big.  Change cannot happen. Remember, you are not here for them.  And yet, you hear them knocking on your door the day before an event – can you provide the Acknowledgement?  Can you make the connections with x?  Can you meet with this student who is doing something on Indigenous education in your own time?  Hidden text – and no you won’t be acknowledged for the hidden work that you do.   You need to stay in your box.   Come out – it’s NAIDOC week.  Go back in – you’re being too Blak.  In this presentation, I wanna extend the conversation.   A conversation about White Walls and being Blak in the academy.  A presentation different to the usual.  A presentation where I can break the protocols and simply be me.