Exploring pedagogy: Making classroom practices visible across different cultures

Year: 2021

Author: Ham, Miriam

Type of paper: Symposium

The voice of Nepali teachers is largely absent in reports that outline the limited implementation of pedagogy required by educational reform objectives that aim to improve the ‘quality’ of education in Nepal. Research conducted with Nepali teachers sought to address this silence through the collection of their considerations and experiences of the School Sector Reform Plan (2009-2017). The research used a sequential explanatory mixed methods approach to first survey teachers about their beliefs concerning education (n=327), observe teachers’ classroom practice (n=15), and then discuss these findings and delve deeper in six focus groups (n=25). The findings show that despite the teachers agreeing with the learner-centered approach required by the reform objectives, they are limited in their implementation by the ambiguity of communication about the pedagogical changes. They identify the lack of an established shared understanding and language about the pedagogy, the lack of mentoring and supervision available and outline how the training provided is inappropriate for their context. This presentation highlights the needs expressed by the Nepali primary school teachers and concludes with their recommendations for how policy makers and providers of professional development could change to improve their skills in teaching in a way that meets the national educational reform.