Affective filmmaking: a feeling/making/thinking method for reimagining gendered experience in secondary education

Year: 2021

Author: Adams, Prue

Type of paper: Symposium

This paper considers how affective filmmaking, can be used as an emergent feeling/making/thinking method to explore and reimagine experiences of gender in secondary education. Filmmaking workshops with small groups of students at two senior colleges were designed as a possibility space for playful experimentation to explore felt experiences of gender in secondary school. Affective filmmaking brings the concept of making as a way of knowing into relation with the affective material qualities of camera, sound and editing to (re)make and (re)think formations of gendered experience. The affective film fragments created are material embodiments of the students collective feelings and knowings whose affects and meanings are always in motion. As they intra-act with the students through the making, they have the potential to relay affective understandings and becomings (Hickey-Moody, 2018) that spark reimaginings of how gender is enacted and experienced in secondary education.