Is Working Nation Working?' An examination of the dis-ease in the relationship between education and employment from a regional perspective

Year: 1995

Author: Graham, Anne, Jennings, Leonie, Dunn, Lee

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper provides an overview of current research by the authors into the implementation of Working Nation initiatives on the North Coast of NSW. Attention will be focused on labour market programs (LMPs), with their emphasis on training and 'job readiness'. In line with the theme of this conference, the contribution of LMPs from the persective of yesterday, today and tomorrow will be examined.

The paper specifically targets the problematic relationship between the education and labour markets. The discourse of 'outcomes' is examined in some depth. Concerns will be raised in regard to the difficulty of reconciling economic imperatives with social policy objectives using education as a vehicle. It will be argued that such instrumentalism will fall short of it's intended objective of finding work for the unemployed.