Dancing at a distance? Postgraduate studies, Supervision and distance education

Year: 1995

Author: Evans, Terry, Green, Bill

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The question of pedagogy is both fundamental to and intensely problematical in the emerging nexus between distance education and postgraduate studies, particularly in the context of new rhetorics of open learning, globalisation, and late- and post-modernity. In this paper we explore the concept of 'supervision' in relation to the distinctive nature of pedagogy, or teaching for learning, in distance education forms of postgraduate research and teaching. Understanding distance education through metaphorsdrawn from choreography and geography, we propose to explore postgraduate supervision as a specific form of pedagogy, conceived as a complex 'dance' of constraints and possibilities in mediated curriculum space. Deakin University's EdD program will provide a focus for discussion here, taking into account current moves towards 'virtual' or 'on-line' forms of curriculum, pedagogy and administration.