Cultural Historical Activity Research for a Socially Just World

Year: 2019

Author: Cripps, Clark, John, MacCallum, Judith, Jacobs, Brendan, Renshaw, Peter

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The symposium structure will allow a variety of presenters and formats, with extended time for discussion.

Planned structure:

* Introduction from invited cultural-historical activity scholar who is active in social justice activism and research. (20 minutes)
* Response from Peter Renshaw. (10 mins)
* Video compilation of three-minute talks in the style of Famelab/3minute thesis. (10x3 mins). Because this is recorded this can range beyond the conference attendees. The videos can just be narrated PowerPoints. Each need to address the following two questions: What is the social justice issue you are addressing? How have Cultural Historical Activity Theories helped?
* Commentary and discussion (30 mins).

We will have the video compilation online and broadcast the introduction and discussion with text line open for questions and comments from the rest of the world.