The Place of Engineering in STEM Education

Year: 2019

Author: Moore, Tamara

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This symposium will bring together leading representatives from different sectors in education and engineering to discuss the currently vexed issue of the place of engineering in STEM Education. While the E in STEM firmly asserts Engineering within the STEM acronym, currently there is no official place for Engineering within the national or local curriculum. This creates a contradictory situation that, on the one hand, STEM is being endorsed as vital to Australia’s future, yet its legitimacy within the school curriculum is negligible. Further, within this context, schools and teachers are creating their own engineering education opportunities with varying support and success. The symposium panel will be provided with the challenge question, “What is the place of engineering in STEM Education?” and asked to address this from their positional perspective, including particular issues or challenges that the STEM Education community will need to consider and/or address now and in the future if we are to meet the ambition of building and supporting a culture of innovation, productivity and a STEM literate citizenry. The symposium will be interactive, inviting engagement between the panel members and audience, facilitated by the symposium chair. (189 words)

Contributor 1 Professor Tamara Moore, Purdue University USA

Contributor 2 Professor Emeritus Doreen Thomas, Melbourne University

Contributor 3 Ms Julie King ACARA

Contributor 4 Mr Greg Hellard, STEM Educator, Huntingtower School, Glen Waverley Melbourne

Chair and moderator: Professor Amanda Berry

Convenor; Ann Osman, MGSE

Discussant: Professor Jan van Driel MGSE