Mixing-in quantitative and qualitative research methods

Year: 2019

Author: Low, Choy, Samantha, Low-Choy, Samantha

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This workshop examines mixed method research studies including qualitatively-driven, quantitatively driven, and other mixed method designs. We demonstrate options and provide suggestions for the sequencing and mixing of quantitative and qualitative components of a research project. In particular, we discuss and demonstrate concrete techniques for developing a conceptual framework that potentially helps bridge between qualitative and quantitative methods, and can help structure the literature review.

This workshop is suitable for those new to mixed methods research along with those who have tried it (‘dabblers’) but would like to learn more.

We guide participants in how quantitative and qualitative components can be put together in modularised, nested, embedded, and integrated models. Finally, we explore the benefits and challenges of mixing methods and writing it up for publication.The course culminates with participants diagramming a mixed method research proposal.

Format.Interactive - will involve discussion in small groups.