Shimmering with Deborah Bird Rose

Year: 2019

Author: Malone, Karen, Logan, Marianne, Regalado, Julie, Wade-Leeuwen, Bronwen, Siegel, Lisa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper presentation shimmers. Shimmering stimulates sensorial emotions. Shimmering with light dancing on water, shimmering with stars encountering the deepening cosmos. Shimmering as the flux of energy flowing through systems, vibrations, cells and molecules pulsating through cycles in ancestorial stories. We walk and shimmer with Deborah Bird Rose, a dazzling allure that embraces us. Shimmering transcends “evoke[s] or capture[s] feelings and responses” (Rose, 2017). Attuning to the aesthetics of brilliance in contrast to the dullness of mechanistic legacies draws “our attention to the brilliant shimmer of the biosphere and the terrible wreckage of life in this era that we are coming to refer to as the Anthropocene” (Rose 2017, G51) Shimmering Deborah Bird Rose speaking to us from past recordings held in the hands through our iphone represents life and its connectivities, such as the contrast of the dullness of drought stricken land that is transformed with raindrops and subsequent new shimmering growth (Rose, 2017). We breathe in, we breathe out. We find the glare of the white sand blinding. Our attention is drawn to the glow of a small piece of jigsaw puzzle lying on the hard concrete in view of the pacific ocean. Pulsing. Weaving the collective story with our individual stories , in this presentation and the paper we are working on collectively includes a short story of how Deborah Bird Rose’s writing has influenced our theoretical thinking - thinking with shimmer, shimmer as a theoretical concept is then explored to disrupt ideas of a what theories have influenced environmental education research. Through this diffractive disruption we do a partial of mapping of ecofeminism, social ecology, arts based research, environmental humanities and indigenous approaches as we take Deborah Bird Rose on a walk with us, as a means and acknowledgement of past, present and future tendrils of thought that have often been silenced or marginalised in the theory work of environmental education.

Rose, Deborah Bird., (2017) Shimmer, when all you have loved is being trashed . In A.Tsing, H.Swanson, E.Gan,& N.Bubandt(Eds.), Arts of living on a damaged planet(pp. G1–G14). Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.