water/watery/watering: Concepts for theorising in Environmental Education

Year: 2019

Author: Lasczik, Alexandra

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper assembles water/watery/watering as a lively conjugation of concepts for posthumanist and decolonial theorising with and through environmental education. Challenging the universalising claims of Western technoscience and the colonial logic of extraction, the paper develops an alternative theoretical mapping of environmental education through engagements with hydro-ontology, hydro-politics, and hydro-aesthetics. In the struggle to overcome anthropocentric, settler colonial, and mastery-oriented approaches, the paper grapples with the need to account for water differently in contemporary posthuman ecologies, allowing complex ontological, political, ethical, and aesthetic entanglements to breach the surface. The prtesentation concludes with a (re)turn to artful practices and encounters as spaces in which posthumanist concepts and decolonial values for environmental education might be cultivated.