“But what about the jobs?”: some notes about findings and a few “surprisings”

Year: 2019

Author: Leahy, Deana, Gard, Michael, Pluim, Carloyn, Lupton, Deborah, Tenorio, José

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The second presentation describes some of findings of this research. We do not have any firm conclusions to communicate to you, at least not publicly. This research generates many and contradictory directions and we are as confused as anybody. The purpose of this presentation is to give full voice to the diversity, the anxiety and the anger in the interviews we conducted with the teachers and school workers. Why is there this degree of tension in the interviews given the low status of HPE against, say, STEM subjects? We are not sure about this, but one pressure point may be coming from the HPE curriculum per se rather than students, parents or officials outside of schools. Of course - and again taking an extreme position – some of the interviewees shared that another way to look at decisions around the use or non-usage of digital technology is that it should only be used if it can enhance the health of the students. This presentation will engage with these data and data generated by participants on, for example:

* beliefs about the purposes of HPE;
* concerns or absence of concerns about data security;
* cost of resources for families and schools;
* evidence of learning and justifications of the use or non-use of technology in HPE;
* concerns or absence of concerns about student health.

The importance of helping students to ‘find jobs’ in the future was a surprising inclusion in some of the justifications teachers gave for using technology in HPE. Should this responsibility feature in HPE work? In previous research physical education has often been constructed as a chance to get away from the hum-drum of classroom practice. Perhaps, finally, what these data do is bring us back to the most important question that HPE workers might ask. What is the purpose of HPE?