Equipping teachers for curriculum change in post-compulsory years

Year: 1995

Author: Blomberg, Doug, Dickie, Barrie, Fowler, Stuart

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Schools Council, in its 1994 report on The Role of Schools in the Vocational Preparation of Australia's Senior Secondary Students (p.76), suggests that the school of the future "will not even try to be the repository of the entire curriculum"; rather it will function as "a kind of 'learning headquarters' from which students will be supported to range widely into other places of learning." Clearly this shift in the role of the school, especially in post-compulsory years, has already begun.

This paper reports on research conducted in schools during 1995 as part of a National Professional Development Program project. The focus of the research is on identifying the most effective design and delivery of professional development programs to enable teachers to achieve maximum effectiveness in this changing situation. Covering 140 independent schools in every state and territory, the research identifies the patterns of change already occurring in these schools, projects the likely direction of future change and establishes best practice proposals for professional development to meet this situation.

The paper describes and discusses the methodology used and presents the main findings of the research.