Welcome to the Playtank! Re-_____ing research

Year: 2019

Author: Healy, Sarah, Edwards, Alli, Flynn, Alicia

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

“The idea is to do collaborative research, to be in touch, in ways that enable response-ability” (Barad, 2012, p. 208). And so we ask: how do we embody our desires to touch, respond and collaborate with humans and non humans in socially engaged and response-able ways? What happens when we trouble the hurdles of metrics and milestones to claim research for ourselves as an activity, to “inhabit our numerous worlds differently, through the individual as researcher, in ways which allows us to get involved with institutions and communities to rewrite through their workings” (Rogoff, 2019, in press). What are the challenges to working in this troubled, troubling space together?

Donna Haraway (2016, p. 78-79) proposes a ‘play tank’ (in lieu of a think or even ‘do’ tank), as a site for enacting material play that is thought-full and care-full. Thinking with and through this concept, we ask you to help us cultivate and create a site for ‘re-____ing research.’ What are ways of be-ing, play-ing, challeng-ing, compost-ing, transform-ing, we already bring to our personal yet interrelated practices of creative research? How might these actions enliven not only our thinking-doing, but also enact a communitarian ethics of response-ability (Barad, 2007; Haraway, 2008). What more can research residues (e.g., a thesis) do? And, how can they do otherwise?We invite you to bring your research wounds and wonderings to co-create with us and various other bodies in this experimental, experiential, action orientated approach to re-___ing collaborative research.